Slovak cartoonist on #TimeMagazine! Sad, but very very true:,29489,1992648_2144379,00.html
4 Jun 2010
I absolutely LOVED the concert yesterday. Jamie was great:)) @jamiecullum
31 May 2010
cannot wait to see @jamiecullum live in Vienna on Sunday!!!
27 May 2010
RE: @mattmckeon privacy on Facebook is no longer "privacy"..
11 May 2010
watched Alice in Wonderland 3D on Saturday and liked it very much:)
22 Mar 2010
RT @mashable YouTube to Drop Support For IE6 Starting Next Month
26 Feb 2010
Atteding DrupalCamp in Bratislava this weekend:)) #drupalsk
24 Feb 2010 DMB 2morrow live in Vienna. And I'll be there!!!
18 Feb 2010
Started reading Left Hand of God on bus to work today. Reaaaally gripping so far..
16 Feb 2010
Great site with funny cartoons on Freelance Freedom:)) #139 via @AddToAny
19 Jan 2010


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