I can help you with a variety of language-related services. Are you new to translation and not sure what you really want or need? Contact me and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.


Conversion of written materials from English or Spanish into Slovak. Though perfect command of both the source and the target language is essential for translation work, it is not the only pre-requisite. Thanks to my detail-oriented and professional approach, I can assure correct interpretation of the source text and its proper adaptation to local standards and conventions. Moreover, all translations are carried out with the help of translation memories which secure terminological consistency and effectiveness of the work delivered.

I specialize on a variety of subject matters and I can handle various file types.

Proofreading and editing

Do you have a translated document but you are not sure about its correctness? Have it checked! Your document can be either edited (compared against its original) or proofread (translated document only). In both cases, the text will be checked for spelling, grammatical and punctuation mistakes and minor stylistic changes will be made where necessary to improve its comprehensibility, fluency and readability.


Nowadays, machine translation is a very popular, wide spread and quick way of conversion of source text into a specified target language. Unfortunately, it does not produce high quality translations. If you have a text produced by machine translation and you want it to be comprehensible and easily readable by the target audience, I can post-edit it for you.

Glossaries creation and terminology management

Every company has its own style and commonly used terminology, phrases and words. It becomes crucial mainly when it comes to translation, because the same terms and phrases in source language may read completely different in a target language. I can help you create or edit monolingual or multilingual glossaries in your subject matter to ensure consistency in future translation projects.

Interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, chuchotage, etc.)

I offer professional interpreting services (both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting). Hire me to assist at your business meeting, conference, product presentations, etc. and get your message across in real time and face to face.

Daniela Revajova

Daniela Revajova

  • Language professional with University background
  • Translation and interpreting services from English and Spanish to Slovak
  • Specialized in technical documentation, software and website localization and more

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